Sustainability at Greenflame

At Greenflame, we prioritize reducing emissions to offer lasting value to our stakeholders. Our commitment is evident as we invest in innovative low-carbon technologies and solutions. Through strategic partnerships, we champion the global shift towards cleaner energy. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we aim for net zero, enhancing emissions tracking and minimizing our carbon footprint. Join us in our mission for a sustainable energy future.

Enhanced Oil Recovery and Carbon Capture

EOR Explained

Our strategic approach aims to optimize oil extraction from our 110 wells, with the potential to harness an additional 81 million barrels of oil.

Projected Revenue Growth

Over the forthcoming 5 years, with the implementation of our enhanced oil recovery techniques, we anticipate a surge in our net production revenue, surpassing $600 million.

Investment Overview

We have dedicatedly allocated $20 million towards the comprehensive development of these 110 wells. This encompasses reservoir studies, meticulous development planning, rigorous field tests, and the establishment of essential infrastructure.

Strategic Refinery Connection

Greenflame boasts a direct pipeline connection to the proximate Petrotrin refinery. This efficient system facilitates seamless oil transfer, and currently operates at 67%, offering potential for increased collaboration.

Greenflame's Experienced Team

Our team, with 20 years in Trinidad & Tobago, possesses unmatched expertise. Their deep knowledge of the local scene and strong government ties give us a distinct industry advantage.

Harnessing Carbon Opportunities in Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago, a top global carbon emitter at 25.4 MT/person, mainly from natural gas, offers Greenflame a vast opportunity to reduce emissions and gain financially.

The consistent increase in the global carbon price indicates a burgeoning market, presenting lucrative opportunities for entities with a low-carbon strategy.

Greenflame's Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) Credits are uniquely positioned for both Voluntary and Compliance Markets, paving the way for substantial financial gains.

ETSs incentivize Carbon Capture and Storage, allowing Greenflame to benefit from reduced compliance obligations and the allocation of compliance units, translating to potential revenue streams.

: Greenflame's utilization of pipeline transport for high-pressure, high-concentration CO2 ensures not only environmental benefits but also cost savings, making its CCS operations more profitable.

Greenflame's MOU for carbon sequestration in Parrylands, Trinidad & Tobago offers a prime chance to monetize sequestered carbon in voluntary markets like the Gold Standard.

ESG Chart

Financial Highlights

Greenflame Energy has secured a working interest of 80% in the oil produced subject to the following offsets:

Greenflame Energy has 80% interest in oil, promising strong returns.

High-purity CO2 from LNG plants significantly reduces capture costs, enhancing profitability.

Greenflame's deep formations boost CO2 sequestration and revenue.

Carbon Credit Market's value rivals oil; prices may surpass $100/MT.

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