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Parrylands Block E

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Discover the Perrylands Block!

80+ million

Carbon capture

Enhanced oil recovery

Proven producing asset

110 existing wells

Strategic Location

The Parrylands Block in Trinidad & Tobago provides 744 contiguous acres of proven reserves that is connected to a port via a pipeline. Altantic LNG Plant (5 miles from Perrylands) which has 7 MMSCFPD of pure CO2 available for EOR and Sequestration

Producing Asset

$20MM+ was invested from previous parties to position the current development including 110 wells, pipelines and production facilities. This heavy oil property has been limited to cold production to date. Parrylands lies adjacent to Texaco’s local property that recivered 50% OIP with thermal EOR.


3rd richest country by GDP per Capita in the Americas after U.S. and Canada. 40% of GDP is Oil & Gas

Carbon Neutral Production

Our program will use steam and flu gas injection while a CO2 pipeline is put into operation. The result is a production technology using the CO2 for pressure support and oil displacement leaving the CO2 subsurface for long term CO2 storage.


Dec.31,2022, Netherland Sewell estimates: initial 1P reserves of 3.2mmbbl with 3P of 32MMBBL within the lease boundary. Production to date has recovered less than 500,000 bbls

Permitting Status

The Block is fully permitted for immediate implementation of the EOR project. There is no Government ownership Interest in this project

Responsible energy transition

Seizing opportunities created by the perfect storm.

Statistics Babber

6TH Largest Gas Producing Nation

Almost all natural gas is converted into LNG for export due to the small local market. This means local prices for natural gas are not high and the LNG plants produce significant volumes of CO2 which is currently emitted to the atmosphere.

Extension of Venezuela-Guyana basin

The large discoveries offshore Guyana are the hottest exploration successes of the last decade and production is expected to top out at 1.2 million bbls daily. Exxon et all have invested >> $10 B to enable this prosecution forecast.

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO the Next Guyana

At over 800,000 BOEPD, T&T is just 300,000 BOPD from equaling Exxon’s multibillion investment at a fraction of the cost.


Wood Mackenzie, Total annual production by hydrocarbon.

17,000 Onshore Wellbores

Each current wellbore, mainly shut-in, would only have to produce less than 20 BOPD to increase production greater than 300,000 BOPD. For heavy oil, the peak EOR production is many times greater than the initial cold production.

Wells Highly Responsive to EOR

Greenflame’s current wells produce ≈ 3 BOPD. Many of these wells will have peak rates during EOR response exceeding 100 BOPD.